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I can only comment based upon my personal experience. I have run cool white 4"tubes. I also ran an 8-23 watt CFL fixture I made,184 watt total.

When I switched to the small Mars 300 it was a day and night difference in growth.
Another benefit, it doesn't put out the heat my 8-23 watt CFL light did.
The Mars 300 only draws 130 watts.
The Mars 300 is a full spectrum fixture.
The Mars II 400 watt is switchable for Vegetative growth only or Flower only or both. The actual watts depend on switch position,with a max of 190 watts.

It preforms much better than the 250 watt HTG magnetic ballast HPS.

The HPS requires extra cooling the LED does not.

I'm in no way endorsing this brand of light. I'm only explaining my personal experiences with these fixtures.
I do know some folks burn out diodes on the cheaper LED's like mine, almost always because the have them in enclosed tent with no air exchange. Hope this helps..Happy gardening folks..
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