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The price of integrated LED fixtures has certainly come down. Many choices on amazon:

There are lots of great deals at 4000 and 5000 K, not as many but at least a few offerings in 6500 K. Most of them have a 5 year warranty. Some are certified, some not (personally I think it's a better investment to get something that meets a code of standards, somewhere).

Why I would choose integrated LED?
- they really pump out the lumens, and a fraction of the power cost
- they would last me a good 25 years for seed starting, no bulbs to replace etc
- there's no hazardous waste, as there is with fluorescents
- when you consider bulbs + fixtures, the integrated LED is very close in price to the fluorescent, and if you consider replacing the bulbs every 5 years, the fluorescent is long term more expensive
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