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This is something I have been considering myself. The difference is that I am already invested into T8s.

I saw a T5 system that my local Hydro store has setup, with seedlings under the lights. So that sparked a conversation with them. And I will say, the seedlings looked GREAT! But, and there is always a but isnt there? They had the lights about 2 feet from the top of the plants. I asked if that was normal, cause that wont work for me.

Heres a couple reasons why I havent personally jumped on the T5s.

1. Cost. If I was starting completely from scratch, it would be a better option. As it is right now would require an infrastructure change, along with purchasing the lights, that my "business" simply cant absorb.

2. Infrastructure. I currently use metal shelving, with lights on every shelf. The T5s need more room.

3. T8 does offer an HO option. This is worth exploring some more.

It really depends whether or not you can make them work for your situation. I love the results they got, but I would have to figure out a whole new arrangement. Not to mention, I pretty much move seedlings out to the seedling house as soon as they germ. So, the benefits dont out weigh the cost. Not yet anyways.
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