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Default T8 vs T5 HO vs (maybe) LED?

I'm considering replacing the last of my aged T-12 fixtures, but I'm really on the fence between T8 and T5 HO. From everything I've been able to read and see on Youtube, LED isn't really a very good option for "consumer" grow lights at this point (at least for vegetative growth). Similarly, I don't want the expense of the HPS lights. So this is primarily about T8 and T5 HO.

Although T5 HO is slightly more efficient than most T8 bulbs, some of the newer T8's are just 28 watts and would appear to be equally efficient. Further, when the purchase costs are considered, the scale appears to tip to T8.

Do we have any strong proponents of T5's? Or perhaps LED's? Curious to hear others thoughts on this.

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