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I'll preface my note with the comment that I didn't see anything in the City Limits rules that said to not discuss prices so please let me know if this is out of bounds.

I am already looking forward to 2014 and plan to build my first 4 Earthtainers. In trying to keep costs in line, I found that I can order 2 of the Pea Fences from Gurneys for $46.93, essentially $23.50 each vs the Burpee price with free shipping that works out to about $30 each. The difference being a 32 inch height vs 40 inch height. By the same token I suppose I could order 2 of the Burpees and 2 of the Gurneys to get an extended cage of 72 " vs 64" or 80". One of my Earthtainers will have Cukes, the others will all be Tomatoes, a few Costoluto Genovese Romas a cherry and some slicers. Seeing Ray's pictures I am a little concerned about the height needed. I am about 10 miles from Ray in Sunnyvale so climate is pretty much identical but maybe a few degrees cooler than Campbell. So, that is my long vacillating post. Do I spend the extra for the Burpees or go with Gurneys or a Combo.
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