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I use my 8 quart pressure cooker on my ceramic cook top all the time.

You just have to buy a pressure cooker that is Stainless Steel and not aluminum and it has to have a thick bottom (like one of the multi-layered ones).

The reason for the warning about not using them on ceramic cook tops is that the aluminum ones and the ones with thin bottoms distort the shape of the bottom when they are under pressure and bulge out. When they bulge out they are not in contact with the cook top surface and will not work properly because the heat is not tranferred correctly. This goes for all other cookware as well, especially skillets. I had to give away 3 skillets that were not perfectly flat on the bottom because they would not heat evenly and just got hot in one little spot where it touched the cook top.

I have also found out that regular aluminum cookware will leave metallic scuff marks on the ceramic cook top that are really hard to remove. Hard Anodized Aluminum is ok though.

As far as weight goes, I have had my 20 quart stock pot full of Brunswick Stew many times and it has never presented a problem. I have never heard of any weight restrictions (within reason) for ceramic cook tops either. They are actually ceramic, not glass.

Hope this helps.
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