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Originally Posted by GoDawgs View Post
This is the first year I dehydrated garlic from the garden after first thinly slicing it. I store it in the freezer and then whiz into powder as needed. But I had never thought to roast it first. Brilliant idea! I'll have to try that. BTW, this little garlic slicing gizmo was one of the handiest ten bucks I've ever spent:

I've done a lot of bulk of just music. But I also do custom blends of different heirloom garlics to get a variety of flavours - some fruity, some hot, whatever. Last year I went to the nearby Garlic festival and bought about 50lbs of at least 12 different garlics to dry and grind.

Interesting gadget. I've used a mandolin for some of the larger heirloom garlics bulbs, but mostly by hand.

This is something I've been wanting to try this summer. Did you smoke them indirectly on a wood fired or charcoal grill?

I tried some indirectly on a wood fired grill with mesquite or hickory or maple chips. Still trying to figure out which I prefer. Going to try a whole lot of other peppers this year, smoked and/or roasted too.

Did dehydrated and then powdered ginger this fall for the first time when they had fresh ginger on sale at the grocery. Soooo much better than any store bought processed powder! very bright and floral.
. That's what I thought.

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