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Default Happy can wait...just be safe !

Aloha all,
I am excited to report that my plants have been producing some tasty treats. The tomatoes seem to be smaller and quick to ripen. Daikon radish are outgrowing my totes, so they are a right angle shape. Lettuce has been fantastic. 3 types and now adding a pak choi. It's all good.
I've been content to stay home , look after my garden and go back to making shell jewelry. I have reconnected with one of my favorite hobbies. It was wonderful to go through my collection after maybe 5 years of not seeing what I had. Now I want to go to the beach to look for more treasures. But I'm not ready to chance it yet. Besides the winter big waves bring better shells. So it's use what is available in my tiny corner of the world(for now). Stay safe everyone and Alooooha !!!
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