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Frogsleap Farm,

Curious on your results for:

Most of the OSU male parent crosses are to PL females (e.g. PPPxPP "C")

Some good flavour genes in this one - even "A" and "B" were good:

“A” approx GDD: 1460

4.5 oz./130 g. last to ripen, not a heavy producer
Nice tomatoes, but not quite the heavy weight as “C”, slightly less flavour
But my notes from Sept. 11 say “yum” and Sept. 9 – softer, more mellow vague sweetness

“B” approx. GDD: 1300

6.5 oz./180 g. first to ripen, good production
Much sweeter than “C”, good but less balanced flavoured
More 2006 Notes: mildly sweet, very juicy clear skin (Aug. 21)

“C” approx. GDD: 1460

10.5 oz./300 g. one ripened mid August, then nothing until today, not a heavy producer, but good size
Really nice texture and complex, deep, sweet/tart flavour; meaty and juicy
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