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Default fusarium wilt

Since the weather is heating up down here and the fusarium is really making its' presence felt in my garden, I thought I would post some pictures of the disease affecting some of my young tomato plants. All of the tomatoes in the photos were treated with Root Sheild and BiotaMax as seedlings and at plant out.

The first picture is a German Johnson showing the very early first signs of fusarium wilt. The next two are close ups of the leaves on that plant with early stage fusarium showing the yellowing that many mistake for a foliage disease.
The fourth picture is of a Saint Lucie that is a little more affected. It has almost stopped growing and the foliage has taken on a slightly soft look.
The fifth is of a Hungarian Heart that has one stem that is being strongly affected by the fusarium. This plant will probably look really bad in a week or two.
The final picture is a Donskoi that is ready to be pulled with the fusarium wilt having done its' thing. This plant was beautiful a little over 2 weeks ago. I started with 48 plants in these two beds and now less than 30 of them are not showing any signs of fusarium yet. In all likelihood most if not all of them will eventually fall to fusarium. I'm just hoping it will take a while on most of them.
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