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Well, I bought mine from QVC. I can't get the link to work right but this is the item number from it. Do a search for it at QVC and you will find it.

Item # K0828

Just a thought, this is a pressure cooker and not a canner in particular. I can fit pints in it but not quarts.

I don't own a pressure canner per se but the principles involved (i.e. flat, thick bottom, not aluminum body) apply to all cookware used on a ceramic cook top.

Something else I thought of was I have a Calphalon hard anodized square griddle pan that I received as a X-mas gift from the MIL last year that is nice and flat, but, once you start heating it, it warps like a daggone cookie sheet because the bottom is too thin! Then when it cools off it goes back to flat! It just remided me yet again why I should shop for my own kitchenware! I am VERY, VERY particular in that dept., just ask my wife!! When we combined households I had to VERY GENTLY tell her that all of the things that she had for the kitchen were going to Goodwill!!
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