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Originally Posted by claherron View Post
I am a bit of an antagonist, I'm sorry. Honestly I was perplexed by this thread I had no idea people had such problems with Gardenias. I should treat my garden the same way it would probably turn out better. I spend way too much time out there, more damage than good probably. On a serious note plant em and let em go always works for me. Again I am sorry, next time yours will do better.

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"Next time"?? Many of us here have done several "Next time"s--personally, I've purchased over 10 times various varieties and sizes, and planted different ways in several locations. My last one (and yes, it IS my very last one, this time I promise to keep my word) was a lush glossy beauty in a 3 gallon pot that I transferred to a nice Italian clay pot, in acid-loving potting mix, no less. It was fine for a few months even tho it never bloomed. I ignored it, sort of. Didn't want to obsess over it. I left it in the care of my family when I went on a 2-week trip recently, telling them to just water it at least once a week.
Well, to my shock and surprise, it looked terrible upon my return--yellowing, wilting, etc. Gave it emergency care. It's sulking now in a protected part of my garden, with dappled sunlight.
Walk half a block up my neighborhood, and there are 2 gardenias planted in full sun, covered with blossoms. They've been there for a few years now. Maybe I should replant mine in the same general area, in full sun. But I don't expect it to survive, really.

I'll post again with results on that...
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