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Default this amendment thread is awesome

I read it over again and admire redbaron's answers and advice.. I know my small back tomato beds need amendments.. I should be getting bigger yields of fruit per plant but, this was not the case last four years.. Hence, I depeled the beds over the years without realizing how important it is to amend the beds. Today I'm going to sprinkle blood meal and bone meal as prescribed.. after fishing this early spring, all the keeper fish entrails get buried.. already have rich black compost type soil, just depleted.. K is high and P isn't bad ,, just the nitrogen is always low..last season it was too.. I thought I had that figured out using a few bussels of just green horse stable mix (horse manure and wood chips) as it is now, my tests show that nitrogen is very low/depleted// even though the soil looks fertile ...planting is still at least a month away here in North New Jersey so, I'm going to try amending the soil now giving the blood meal and bone meal a month or so to get the micros /worms moving under the beds...also will continue dumping cofffer grinds on the beds too.

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