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Guess I did not clearly explain my question... Its not about the NPK or the % or the carbon locking...ITS about the PIG source of the meal .. I will be blending my soil when I get my leaf compose from the city in a few weeks.. IF the head horticulturist at the county arboretum says it a good safe source.
I plan on mixing compost, bags of worm castings, promix-bx, potash from fire pit, several bags of aged chicken manure, sand, some sea magic brew, deep tilling it into the soil and then sending off a sample to the lab for testing.. The Blood and Bone meal are for supplements IF needed. Just having questions about the piggy thing.
I'm still 2.5 months from planting. last week of April here. Also probably couple hundred worms from my fishing buddy source. when its warm enough.
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