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Originally Posted by Rajun Gardener View Post
I'll buy a bottle and do a taste/cooking test. I can't believe that so many people have good reviews then a few turds in the punch bowl all claiming to be bakers say it's bad. It has to be somewhere in the middle. I saw it had water but how much water is the question, a vanilla drink or just cut a little?

I'll report!!!
I wonder, so let everyone know , so many reviews say it is good. Just not familiar with vanilla extract having water, but I don't know it all either, LOL!!

If it is good, that is a very good price for the quantity.

But if I buy some "B" grade vanilla beans and pop them into a 5th of dark rum, I ~could~ claim to be testing the extract level with a vanilla rum and coke!!

I'd probably be lit from just sniffing it, haven't had a drink in a loooonnnng time, other than a taste of the wine to be sure I want to cook with it.
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