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Default EarthBox Issue

This is my first year growing in containers. The plants I have in containers are doing great and tasting great. However the two plants I have in an EarthBox, Cherokee Purple and Momotaro, are very bland and the texture is mushy, especially at the bottom. The Cherokee Purple has many fruit with concentric cracks and there is also some split fruit like you would expect from over-watering. Fruit on the Momotaro looks beautiful, but the flavor isn't there.

The size of the fruit is in the normal range. 8-12 oz for Cherokee Purple, 4-8 oz for Momotaro. There is a purplish cast on new growth on the Cherokee Purple, but it doesn't take long to correct itself. The plants are trained to three stems.

I followed the instructions on the Earth-Box with great care. I would appreciate any advice. Maybe its just the cloudy, humid weather we have had?

I have grown both of these varieties in the ground and never had a problem.
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