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Originally Posted by kath View Post
Thanks, Melissa!

CR - lurley
EPH - Tatiana's Tomatobase
WRP - fortyonenorth
HP - eddie46

Not much help for the 3 that I received from generous Tomatovillians, but Tania's website also lists commercial vendors for HP- I think there are quite a few. Not sure if anyone is selling the others yet. I'll be trying to save more seed for WRP for sure and also for CR if I grow it again this year.

I was able to obtain slips of Beauregard from a local Agway several years ago and since then I just sprout my own from saved tubers.

Happy planning!

I've been offering seeds for Eastham Pink in my seed offer here and without going to the back room to check I probably still have seeds, I think they are 2009 or 2010 seeds, I think the latter, and will be offering them again in my upcoming seed offer,

My source was Tania in a wee trade we did as I recall.

Carolyn, but I encourage all to support the great seed companies we have now, Tania's being one of them, but if you're going to be ordering just one variety from her it might work out better to get my seeds. Your choice.

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