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If anyone reading here has answers to all of these questions off of the top
of their head, they probably do not have the time to answer them all in
a Tomatoville thread. An excellent book that has answers to many of the
questions that you are asking:

That is the cheapest price that I have seen. Google Books shows
it at around $600.00US, new and unused. It is an excellent reference,
though. If you go to the URL below, then use the scroll bar at the right
to go to the very top, and the arrow at the lower right bottom of the
scroll bar to slowly scroll down through it, you can see the table of
contents. (Check out Chapter 2, "Genetics and Breeding", for example.)

(If you scroll down a page or so from the part of the book which that
URL references, you hit section 4.4, which explains the differences
between determinate and indeterminate growth habit.)
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