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Maybe each of these traits deserves its own thread, or can they all fit here?

How is parthenocarpy controlled? (How many genes, dominant/recessive?) I've never paid close enough attention to my tomatoes to say, "This one blooms nice and early, but those first flowers never set fruit, dangnabbit." I guess this could be an issue with some really early flowerers. And it's a bit off-topic, but could this also help in climates where people complain that their tomatoes don't set fruit in really hot weather?

Cold tolerance is intriguing. This could also help in Autumn. Which varieties are most cold tolerant?

What's the deal with determinate plants? Does this actually result in earlier fruit, or just fruit all at once? All the delicious classics (Brandywine etc) that I know of are indeterminate. (Feel free to point out exceptions.) What would happen if some delicious classics were made determinate through backcrossing? This seems like a fairly straightforward breeding project.
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