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So far, genes for cold tolerance, precocious flowering, and quick ripening have been mentioned.
...And there's also the ability to set early fruit parthenocarpically, which only one poster on this thread has mentioned so far. Most of the varieties bred by Dr. James Baggett at Oregon State have had this trait. (Not that one ought to necessarily want, or not want, to include the trait in any particular breeding project, just that I thought it was worth mentioning again.)

Betimes Macbeth sounds like a really interesting tomato. I hope to have the opportunity to grow it someday.

If anybody's still doing brainstorming on different parent and grandparent varieties to toss into the breeding blender, I'd suggest that for trying to breed in a little flavor from a larger tomato, Red Pear Franchi (70-75 days from transplant, according to would be one perhaps worth experimenting with. As probably would also be some of the San Marzano Redorta types.
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