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Does speckled roman have wispy foliage like oxhearts? mine do, I hope I havent mixed up the seeds.
Jake,you have not mixed them up. It, (Speckle Roman) does have the narrow leaf type sometimes described as wispy. I should know because I did the original breeding of the selection that was in my Long Toms Mix of 1983. One of the selections was further selected in the filial generations by John Swenson of Illinois, ultimately called by him Banana Legs, and that in turn was accidentally crossed with Antique Roman to get the Speckled Roman, Roman Candle, etc. I don't think I ever disclosed the parentage of the Banana Legs. I have the original records of the lines that went into the Mix back in 1983. Banana Legs is indeed wispy leafed.

also what is the correct leaf type for royal hillbilly?
The link below seems to show that the Royal Hillbilly is not wispy in the leaf habit.

Below is a link to the Hillbilly tomato:

Below is the Roman Candle leaf type; The above link shows the Antique Roman
Giant plum shaped fruit with excellent flavour and dense flesh.

PNW_D, I could not get my PC to see the photo of Greensleeves. I'll have to get a digital of an F-7 plant of Greensleeves, (Green Sausage) in my transplants soon.
Here is a picture of Greensleeves (aka Green Sausage) grown in 2005 - and a few comments from my notes:

beautiful plant to look at – short and somewhat wispy. I recall reminded me of Speckled Roman in seedling stage
Although I was responsible for introducing the wispy leaf into both the Greensleeves and Banana Legs/Speckled Roman, the parentage is totally different. Greensleeves has my Green Nails as the source of the wispy leaf, but I have not released the info on what the wispy leaf parent was in Banana Legs.

I have played around with wispy leaf tomatoes for the last 6 decades. I remember the first time I grew Laketa from Glecklers, but the only variety that I created out of that line from the mid 1950's is my variety Troo Glas.

I might add a contrary note to what Craig said about 'miserable' looking foliage! There is an adaptive, rather evolutionary advantage to wispy or even rolled foliage; the sun penetration is much better and the extra warmth and air circulation in colder climates is fairly well documented.

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