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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
Daconil really should be sprayed alone for maximum effectiveness. Carolyn has posted the advice she got "from horse's mouth" at Ortho about this.

Fortunately foliar feed gets absorbed quickly, so you could possibly spray it in the morning and then follow up with Daconil in the evening.
I did, as Morgan said, call Ortho about mixing anything else with Daconil.

They didn't advise it b'c Daconil works by blocking the attachment sites where the pathogenic fungi specifically attach and if you add anything else to the Daconil it can non-specifically attach to those same sites and block the Daconil from attaching.

That being said, and I don't remember which Forum or thread here where I posted that,but I know that quite a few folks do add other stuff to the Daconil and say that it still works.

I tend to believe ortho's explanation and never mixed anything else with it after that.

What I see as the problem is that you don't know what the ionic charge is on any given molecular product, nor does one know the ionic charge on the leaf surface at any one time, so non-specific binding could certainly occur.
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