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ginger2778 June 11, 2013 07:02 AM

Possible dates for the plant swap
I think it should be in October this year, or the first Saturday in Nov. I can't do it Oct.26, 27, or anything but the first Sat in November. Anyone is invited, if you have plants great, if not come anyway, just bring food.
I will be growing over 100 varieties.

jerryinfla June 11, 2013 08:16 AM

Marsha - I have no druthers as far as date so no input from me. Please do keep us posted on when and where it'll be and I'll put it on my calendar. However, it's a long trip for me and the probability of my being there, whatever the date, is slim to none.

ginger2778 June 11, 2013 11:30 AM

Hi Jerry, yes I know your circumstances and understand. I will be Avignon the swap at my home in Plantation, because there is so much interest from the Plantation Garden Club, the Hollywood Garden Club, and also the Plantation Women's Club. We got a very well attended plant swap last November, over 50 came, but most were Garden club members with a few TVers also. Cheryl and a few of her friends will be there. And I don't know what happened to Ann, I hope she is OK.

kilroyscarnival June 16, 2013 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by ginger2778 (Post 355309)
And I don't know what happened to Ann, I hope she is OK.

Hi, Marsha! I'm fine. Just haven't been 'here' on T-ville as much. Today I cut some dead brown stems from what were until last month very busy cherry tomato plants. The last month has been less productive (except for a second and nice crop of Big Ray's, and the rest of the Jaune Flammes) due to the heat, and a wetter than typical month. The last remaining fruit either went straight from unripe to rotten on the vine, or was eaten by something, it seems. Except the peppers, which have been nice.

Also have been busy with work plus cats. Both my pets were sick with a tummy bug, and one of the feral cats had a mouth infection like Pixie did last year. Then I took a little one to be spayed, and they said if I hadn't brought her in right then she would have died. Little Tudor, about 8 months old, apparently had a reproductive problem that was either a burst cyst or maybe an infection from mating, and I had no idea because she was always so happy and pleasant. She's still recuperating indoors, on antibiotics, and has immediately turned house cat. The other two hate her because she's an affection-seeking little "puppy" and they are not ready for that. :) She really is a doll, hope I can find her a home.

I feel like I've learned a lot of lessons in the past eight months or so that I've been attempting to grow things. Had some nice luck, and some bad luck with frost and weather issues, and then was contending for a while with having very little time. Glad I got out of it what I did, and sort of sorting through my options for the fall attempt. Just received some seeds in the mail as a kind return gift for some samples of the pastes I had. One is Cherokee Purple, so I am definitely looking forward to the fall. Never did get the watermelons in the ground. Maybe next year. (I did just buy some.)

Late October is definitely a possibility. Even more so if I finally get serious about replacing my 13-year-old car. :)



ginger2778 June 16, 2013 05:13 PM

Ann, I'm absolutely delighted to hear from you. Your poor cats though. What an ordeal.
We just adopted 2 from the shelter, one is charcoal grey with a white chest and boots, and her name is Carbon due to her color. She has a lot of Russian Blue in her.The Broward county shelter spayed her, and I think it was while she was carrying a litter because her mammaries were enlarged. She also came with an upper respiratory infection that is resistant to 2 antibiotics so far, and it is definitely bacterial because the sneeze is cloudy, not clear liquid. It's been 6 weeks so far. We took her in for a culture and sensitivity to find out what this bug is and what will kill it. Oh, and just for good measure she had a previously broken leg that never got treated so its a little crooked. The vet said she never would have made it at the shelter, so it was good that we got her home. She is a darling, climbs in my lap and falls asleep there, and eats like a little piggus!
We also got a male, also very young but not kitten, he's much larger, orange and white short hair, very rambunctious, and likes to play rough with Carbon, but she beats up on him pretty well too. The shelter named him OJ which was a stupid name, so Wayne played around with it and said" orange Julius" and I said Julius suits him because he rules the house,so that's his name , Julius. He's out of control sometimes, racing around the house like a maniac, and attacking my toes when I get under the covers.
They said the shelters kill 65% of all the cats they take in so I am glad we took both. I didn't want another animal, but Wayne wore me down, and I am glad.

Ann, if you can make it down it'll be great. I'll send you a PM if you want to go, I bet you know what about!

I hope things go more smoothly now for you.
My car is a 97 Lexus ES 300. Darned thing just won't die.:lol:


ginger2778 June 20, 2013 11:24 AM

Save the date
I am thinking the best date for the plant swap would be Saturday, October 19,2013.
The only rule is bring plants or bring food.;)

Garf June 26, 2013 01:58 PM

I enjoyed the last swap, but health issues might prevent this year for me.

ginger2778 June 27, 2013 07:32 AM


Originally Posted by Garf (Post 358944)
I enjoyed the last swap, but health issues might prevent this year for me.

I certainly understand about health issues. I hope your health is great and stays that way! We will have almost everybody coming from last years swap, and several more as I have joined the Plantation Garden Club this year. And we had over 50 attend last year!
We would love to see you, and will miss you if you can't, but understand about health issues.:no:

gardenhappy July 17, 2013 07:45 AM

Plant Swap
Hi Everyone,
After a long bout of bad health AGAIN! I'm getting back to fit as a fiddle!
Well almost!:D All the plants at the community garden have done wonderful .I will bring a bunch of pictures to the plant swap !!
The 3 praying hands banana trees are growing like weeds!
I have stepped down from running the community garden and am just helping with it after 1 and a half years. Health issues come to a head in May and I needed to deal with those for a few months.
The stevia plants are bushes and growing like weeds! Pictures of those to come also.
All the tomato's just thrived!!! We had them up to 9ft. on pallet stakes!:)AND HAD TO CUT THEM OFF AT THAT POINT.
The community was stopping in asking how on earth we we're growing our garden !
Our homemade fish emulsion worked great along with 1 time a month a side dressing of Epsom Salt and we were picking thousands of tomato's every 3 days!!!



Now put into the 5 gallon pail 1/4 dried clippings , grass, dried leaves....
then chop up mullet (10 to 15)or what ever fish into 1' pieces and throw into pail
OR 1/3 of a pail of fish tails, guts, heads

Add 1 cup Epsom Salt
1 cup of black strap molasses
then a bunch rotten bananas ,melons, any fruit not citrus(this cut's smell and )
Now fill the bucket with water to within 3'' of the top and stir mixture really well.

Put top on well to keep critters out , if fly eggs get into this ,well more protein:lol:
Now every day for 2 weeks stir 1 time a day keeping this in the shade, NOT right by your house or the next door house:surprised:
After 2 weeks "cooking" strain and keep in a clean bucket with a lid with holes in it.
1 tablespoon of mixture to 1 gallon of water. YOUR PLANTS ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!

Have a wonderful day in the garden! See ya all soon in Plantation Florida!

ginger2778 July 17, 2013 09:48 AM

Cheryl, thanks so much for this homemade fish emulsion recipe, which I am going to try for sure! Hmm... Which neighbor don't I like all that much?
My plants did super well this past season too, most in the 6-9 foot range. It's so much easier in earthboxes than it used to be in soil.
I'm delighted to hear that you are coming to the swap. This year I am doing some things differently, all my seedlings will be in 4 inch pots because I joined a garden club and we are having a plant sale the next weekend, so I am getting seedlings together that are high enough quality for market. They will be in direct sun to grow so there should not be any leggyness. Last year the date got changed so they stayed 3 weeks too long in expandable peat pellets under grow lights.
Still, once planted they thickened and straightened nicely.
Looking forward to seeing you and any other Tvillers there. Several local people are going again so I think we will be getting a large group for the swap again.
I'm getting excited!

gardenhappy July 24, 2013 03:29 PM

Plants I'm Bring to plant swap-
Tomato's 2013-14 growing season
Belarus Start gf
San Marzano Reddorta
Brown Berry
Yellow Pear
Window Box-very compact
Black Mystery
Black Cherry
Millefleur Yellow Cheese
Black Aisburg
Glory of Moldoua
Chadwick Cherry
Purple Cherokee
Pink Og Purple
Sugar Honey-Poland
Salvic Masterpiece
Burpee's Giant Supersteak
Pole Brandywine
Red Brandywine
Yellow Brandywine
Black Brandywine
Olena Ukrainian
New Hampshire Red Pickling-cherry
Abraham Lincoln
Tres Contos-three songs
Goose Creek
Pineapple Beefsteak
Coustralee -Sand hill
Orange Strawberry
Czech's Bush
Giant Leader Monster tomato
Seeding more this is just a start.

ginger2778 July 24, 2013 04:42 PM

Wow Cheryl, what a nice list! Very comprehensive . I am finalizing my grow list and will post it soon. This is shaping up now. I also got Gulliver, and Sugar Honey , both from a trade with Jennifer 28. We had to do research on them, and so we managed to go to the Russian seed site Sedek where hers were from, and the Russian words on the package we received actually translated to sugar red. I tried to grow it last year but it didn't like South Florida conditions too well. It got a lot of disease early on. I was really looking forward to it too, but it never made it to fruiting.
You have some really interesting selections so far, thanks for posting.
Now that I am back from my hiking trip, it's time to buckle down.:twisted:
No more playing around, I need to get organized .:)


gardenhappy July 24, 2013 09:50 PM

More seeds seeded
Sweet Pea Raad Red VF
Gardeners Delight DayDream
Malinowy Olbrazym Wild Chiapas
Boney M. Kumato
Matt's Wild Cherry DAR
Dr. Carolyn Pink Orange King
Aunt Ruby's German Green Silver Fir Tree
Principle Borghese ATOL-Poland
Tim's Black ruffle Plummy -plum
Mortgage Lifter Chocolate Cherry
Druzuba Rhodes Heirloom-Bi color
Coastal Pride-Red Omar's Lenanese
Super Sioux Red Target Black Seaman New Big Dwarf
"Blue" Jagodka
Tommy Toe Dole Hodny
Salt Spring Sunrise Early Wonder
Golden Treasure 1884
Yellow Stuffer Bali
The Dutchman Zolotye Palchiki-yellow
Black Cherry Vetomold
Taos Trail Unger's Hungarian Cherry
Brandywine Sudduth Boxcar Willie
Calabacito Rojo Stupice
Brandwine Red Landis Valley Tomato Minibel
Soft Hybrid-Greenhouse Tomato Grand Slorum
Red Robin Salisaw Café-cherry red
Biely Naliv-red Rapid Forcing
Russian Love-Cylindrical John Baer
Viva Italia Bonnie Best
Willamete Bush Celebrity
Wins All Creole
Brianna Black from Tula
Pomidor Malinowy Oxheart-Poland Lemon-Lean
Coastal Pride-Orange Moskovich
Blaby R. Sharp Fargo
Bloody Butcher Sunset Red Horizon
Phenomenal Impur Prior Beta
]Golden Dwarf Rief Red Heart
New Jersey Giant Belgian Pounder
Thineman's Austrailian Heart African Beefsteak
Gribhoe Lukoshko-red Beam's Yellow Pear
Giant Italian Valentina
Deviz Prairie Fire
Prescott Heirloom Anna Russian
Smokey Mountain-1 seed from 2006 Coastal Dandy PL
Persey Big White-Pink Stripes-2 seeds
Legend-1 seed
Golden Grape Van Vert Ohio
Golden Queen Heirloom Healani

This is almost everything for now. Spring will come and I'll grow a larger variety. I'm growing out for 6 places right now 2 community gardens and 1 school garden and 1-learning garden for a group of 15 and then my own gardens and this plant exchange :yes:
I'm also growing out a large variety of herbs , sweet and hot peppers and egg plants for anyone interested in trading those P.M. me for a list.

FaithHopeLove July 24, 2013 11:57 PM

I would love to come but, how far will it be from Ocala? I may or may not have any plants/tomatoes to bring everything here stopped blooming in mid May. I'm about to drop more seeds for mid September planting date. I can bring food though!


ginger2778 July 25, 2013 12:21 AM

Hi Elise,
It's in Plantation. That's basically west Ft. Lauderdale. We have someone coming from Plant City, which is very near Tampa.
Bringing food will be fine. I am starting my seeds for this in last week August, if that helps you on timing.
You are very welcome to join us, as is anyone. Come even if you can't bring plants or food.:)
I am expecting a larger crowd than last year(~50), because 2 local gardening clubs will be joining in. The fun is being able to compare know how with other gardeners, and you get to take home different plant too.:yes:


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