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jhouse May 8, 2019 04:20 PM

Basil seedlings, too much light or over watered?
Hi all,

I started tomatoes, peppers and basil from seed about 3 weeks ago with a self watering "kit". Started with fluorescent lights, then switched to and LED grow light about 2 weeks ago.
The Tomatoes are doing fine and repotted, I repotted the peppers and basil today -- the basil started out fine but now the leaves a yellowish. I'm not sure if they're bleached from light or overwatered, the watering mat kept them moist but not soaked in the seed starter.
When I repotted today I "watered them in", kind of wish I hadn't done that -- I assumed it was the lighting, but now I wonder if it's too much watering?
No sign of pests that I can see.

Thanks for any ideas!


PaulF May 8, 2019 04:30 PM

Do you have drain holes poked in the bottom of the container? The seedling looks OK except for a little yellowing and that may indicate too much water or a need for a little plant food. Might try some liquid fertilizer at half strength to see if that helps.

jhouse May 8, 2019 04:42 PM

Thanks, yes I poked about 5 drain holes. (Sorry about the styrofoam container, I already had them. . .will use something more eco friendly next time). And there was a drain hole in the seedling container that they just came out of.
I do wonder if they didn't have enough nutrients in the seedling mix, I just repotted them with Happy Frog potting mix from Fox Farms, so that should have some food in it -- hopefully that will perk them up. I'll check on that before I use liquid fertilzer I wouldn't want to over do that. . .

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