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Delizzy August 15, 2010 02:50 PM

Garvey's Plum Steak and Garvey's Spanish Red Plum
Some time ago I received these two tomatoes in a trade, but I can't seem to find any information on them. The person who sent them to me said he got his seeds directly from Craig LeHoullier. What I am wondering is if the names may have gotten jumbled in some manner and what I actually have is Garvey's Plum and Garvey's Beefsteak, or do I actually have tomatoes called Garvey's Plum Steak and Garvey's Spanish Red Plum?

I've not grown these out yet because I had no information on them and there are so many other tomatoes I wanted to try.

I'd appreciate any input I can get.


nctomatoman August 15, 2010 03:58 PM

Hi there! A fellow who I ran across while living in Pennsylvania named James Garvey is (or was - haven't spoken to him in years) a tomato enthusiast who apparently did some crossing and selection. So Garvey's Beefsteak, Garvey's Plum - and those he called Spanish Plum and Plumsteak - are all creations of his. I grew out a few here and there along the way, but did not do a good job of maintaining them or giving them a really good keep us posted!

One thing I do know - his Spanish Plum grew out to be a very large red heart, and his Plumsteak a very large pink heart. Very meaty, very good flavor.

Delizzy August 15, 2010 06:10 PM

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the response. Now I know that those are not the same two, but four varieties. I am updating my records and had forgotten that I got those two. I may put them on my to grow list for next year. Unfortunately, that list grows longer and longer and longer. . . .

Again, thanks for the info!


Sunsi August 21, 2010 09:27 PM

I'm always for looking for tomatoes that makes good sauce I'll be interested if these will yes, keep us posted on your impression they sound great. :)

HOOSIER JIM January 19, 2016 03:02 PM

Garvey Pum Steak
Jim Garvey is still alive and gardening. He is 90 years old. I just spoke to him about his Plum Steak tomato. He stated that it was an accidental cross, as in bumblebee, of a plum and a beefsteak tomato about 75 years ago. He said he was still in his teens when it crossed but has been growing them ever since. Some get upward of 3 1/2 pounds.

nctomatoman January 21, 2016 11:27 PM

Wow, that's wonderful ....90! The tomatoes he brought to me at the Pennsylvania show were huge! It is a variety I've not grown out in many, many years. How is his health? I've love to talk to him some time - don't know if you could share his phone number, but PM me if this is possible. He is one of those that was there right at the start of my heirloom obsession!

coronabarb January 22, 2016 02:01 PM

This sounds very intriguing! Would love to try some of these big plums in the future!

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