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HuskyJim July 11, 2020 03:48 PM

No blossoms/buds, but 6' tall Juliet Roma Grape hybrid
I have several tomato plants, all in the same area, so they all get the same amount of sun, water and fertilizer.
The Juliet Roma Grape hybrid is over 6 feet tall, yet just started getting blossoms near the very top, but nothing on the lower part of the plant. Is this normal?
I have several other tomato plants that have already achieved full growth with fruit.


dshreter July 13, 2020 02:27 AM

I don’t know the variety specifically, but that definitely isn’t normal for most toms. I’ve had this issue if there is a problem with the main growing tip, and I end up growing the plant from a sucker. You can miss a truss or two as it takes longer for the new stem to produce a flower truss.

Did something different happen in terms of pruning, or anything happen to the mains stem?

HuskyJim July 13, 2020 04:37 PM

Did minimal pruning, no damage to the plant, just no fruit truss/stems created. There are about 15-20 off shoot leave truss/stems, no fruit.

loudog July 16, 2020 01:13 AM

sounds like you have a mule, lots of foliage but no blossoms.

tryno12 July 16, 2020 03:49 AM

I have a couple plants no or very few blossoms and was wondering what the problem was also?

MadCow333 July 16, 2020 02:53 PM

I bought 2 Sweet 100 cherry plants at Lowe's that came from someplace in Virginia. Both are tall stringy plants with sparse fruit trusses. Loads of folliage but long stems and tall and lanky. I've never had a cherry tomato fail to produce like these did. I fertilized and located the containers as usual. I may rip both out and put a some more deserving plants in there. lol. This was also the year that the first Bonnie plants I purchased all died. They were San Marzano, which was the only reason I bought them. Definitely a weird year for plants except my own seedlings. Covid and weird cold weather disrupted supplies and I also think the cold damaged plants before purchase.

HuskyJim July 16, 2020 03:28 PM

[QUOTE=loudog;758279]sounds like you have a mule, lots of foliage but no blossoms.[/QUOTE]

Is there a solution for it?

loudog July 17, 2020 06:43 PM

I researched some and found too much nitrogen may be a cause.

RJGlew July 19, 2020 07:30 PM

Some pretty representative pictures here:


The picture from the breeder (Known-You Seed Co., Ltd), is a bit over the top.

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