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Gardening Grammy May 5, 2008 08:23 PM

Moon Vine
Has anyone heard of this plant? I'd love to have some seeds, but can't find them anywhere. It sounds like the flowers are white, huge, and very fragrant. Any info would be GREAT!



caascher2 May 5, 2008 10:21 PM

I haven't grown them but a friend of my Mom had them growing in her backyard. It is a beautiful flower. Good luck finding seeds!

Worth1 May 5, 2008 10:43 PM

I had some seed but as usual I cant find them.
Here is a link to buy some.



Gardening Grammy May 6, 2008 06:16 AM


Thank you so much for the link. I've ordered them!!! dad's middle name is Worth. So when my son Chris was born, we named him Christopher Worth. My twin brother also had a son two weeks after Chris was born. His name is Benjamin Worth. I love that name! Luckily my dad is still living.....he's 88 and in great health and has a garden every year. Sadly, my son Chris was killed in a car accident on 11/15/03. He was 16 years old. That is one reason I started gardening. It was a diversion from my grief. Chris was born on Mothers Day in 1987, so Mothers Day is hard for me. Plus his birthday is May 10th, so it is this Saturday. Chris would have been 21 years old. Just wanted to share that!


Worth1 May 6, 2008 10:14 AM

You mean to tell me that other people out there have the name of Worth?
I thought I was the (only one), you know like the song TI--GG--ER sings in the story Winnie the Pooh.:lol:

Sorry to hear about your son.:(

I saw they have passion flower seeds.
I will have to see if mine or another lady I gave a plant to puts out fruit this year so I can sprout some.

Good luck With the seeds:)


Gardening Grammy May 7, 2008 06:03 AM

I'll keep ya posted about the seeds.

I love Tigger!!!


jenn_sc May 7, 2008 05:18 PM

I'm growing moon flower vines too! I bought mine at Lowe's or Wal Mart I think. I planted them around the base of the power poles and I can't wait to see how high they go. This is my first year growing them.

I'm sorry about your son Chris. This really must be a hard month for you. Luckily May is a busy time in the garden so you should have plenty of work to distract you. Being outside, surrounded by nature, is the best balm to a grieving soul that I can think of. Good luck with the moon flowers! :)


Gardening Grammy May 8, 2008 07:56 AM

Hi Jennifer!

I looked at Home Depot, but didn't see any Moon Vines......I guess now I'll check out Lowe's and WalMart!!! Thanks for the tip. I have ordered seeds and am waiting form them to come.

And you are right about May being a busy month outside. Really and truly, that's when I started gardening. After Chris was killed, I knew I had to have some type of diversion. So my yard was it! And now I'm growing my first tomatoes and peppers and squash from seed. And loving it!

Take care!

MuddyBuckets June 7, 2022 09:54 PM

Looking for Moon Flower seeds
AnyTVs waanting to trade moon flower seeds for pepper or tomato seeds? I have Biker Billy Jalapeno (very hot) seeds and Yellow Fefferona seeds (Balkan origin) and Samandag Pepper seeds (from Turkey) among other unsual pepper seeds. PM me if interested.

MrsJustice July 25, 2022 09:39 PM

Hello Muddybuckets

How are you doing, Amen!! I wish I had some Moon Flower Seeds, because I would love to have some of your Biker Billy Jalapeno Seeds.

I am in LOve with your "Hill Country Red Okra". I can not stop eating them to Save the Seeds. This 'Hill Country Red Okra even talks to you: "Staying eat me before the Red on my side goes down the side of my spine, Amen. Once the Red spread down it is not soft anymore to cut-up.. But It was so pretty I cooked it anyway; and the Big Seeds Tasted delicious. So I strewed it with many Vegetables just for the Flavor and the Seeds. I was very happy to put the "Large Stringy flesh in my compost pill after strewing it to enrich my soil for next year, after chewing some of the Flesh of this delicious "Hill Country Red Okra. This must be the Red Orka from my Childhood cooked by my Aunt Annie who was Half Cherokee like my Daddy Mother who died having my Father at Birth. Since I never got a chance to meet he: I must remember that I have Cherokee Blood in me.

I have to do more research on this Hill Country Red, as it is from Texas, But I must learn more. I will try to get myself to "stop" eating them to save the seeds. I can't believe that the Seeds even taste good. I will get some self control to stop cooking these "Hill Country Red Okra and eating them up, Amen!!
They are Beautiful, aswell.

Thank You Muddybuckets.
They Taste "Unusually better than any OKra I have ever Tasted", Amen!!.

ScottinAtlanta July 26, 2022 07:25 PM

I grow the vine every year. A gorgeous, huge white blossom with fragrance that lingers on the evening. Seeds the size of white peas.

What you want is the Ipomoe[I]a Alba, which is a kind of morning glory. You do NOT want the other moonflower, [/I]Datura innoxia, which is quite toxic and invasive.

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